Uplift's impact:
From barely existing
to fully living

Restoring childhood - impacting society


Knowledge, Empathy and Engagement for Orphans Since 2009 caring and therapy for children in state-run homes is one of the main programs of Uplift.

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Uplift-mother program

uplift praevention

Preventing Adoptions We strengthen mothers, who, due to their difficult situation, are forced to consider giving their child up for adoption.

Prevention with Uplift


uplift selbsthilfegruppe

Families with handicapped children take the initiative Uplift provides the framework for a functioning, regularly visited self-support group.

Self-help and social business

Self-help and social business

Uplift Training Gruppe

Enhance and sustain competency Uplift is training professionals for an advanced treatment of children.

Expansion of knowledge with Uplift

Expansion of knowledge

Uplift Waisenkinder im Unterricht

The kid’s urge for knowledge motivates us 2014 the first small Uplift learning group started. As of today the concept has been launched in other state-run homes.

Learning and Education with Uplift

Learning and education

Uplift Baby in der Physiotherapie

Multiplicators triggering changes in societyPhysiotherapists are training Uplift-mothers, staff of orphanages, therapists, doctors and parents of handicapped children in physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Therapy and rehabilitation with Uplift

Therapy and rehabilitation

uplift medizinische notfallhilfe

An important addition to our other programs Uplift supports and accompanies children and families morally and financially during medical emergencies.

Medical Emergency Relief with Uplift

Emergency medical help

unterwegs mit uplift

People, both big and small are on the with the green kite With Uplift everybody is on the way: Families with their impaired children, children from orphanages or the supporters of our work.

On the move with Uplift

On the move with Uplift