On the 12th of March we had a happy event – Uplift educational and therapeutic center for special needs children rehabilitation was officially opened in Bishkek. This center is opened at the base of Kyrgyz State Medical Institute for refresher course and advanced professional training of Kyrgyz Republic. This center was meant for education of new treatment methods for children with physical developmental disorders in Kyrgyzstan, consultations and therapy for special needs children. The center is opened by “Uplift” with the support of Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia, Kyrgyz State Medical Institute, German Embassy and also we expect equipment from representatives of TIKA program and Japan Embassy.

The opening was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Development of Kyrgyz Republic, as well as the directors of our 4 program state children's institutions. Among the honored guests were also representatives of the Turkish Embassy, the German Embassy and representatives of the TIKA program.

Our supporter Tim Bogdanov made this summer something incredible for many of us ordinary people, he conquered two peaks - the seven thousandth peak Communisma and the eight thousandth Manaslu. He dedicated his triumph to Uplift families and children. The flag of Uplift flutters now on the two mountains’ tops. We are proud of such a friend and a wonderful person!

Tim is the initiator of the fund-raising campaign for the Uplift rehabilitation center in Tokmak

With experts Caroline König and Ricardo Müller

Speech development and articulation

In this module (III) we will review speech development and examination of individual sounds articulation. We will present different articulation disorders and discuss diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The focus will be on articulation therapy and dysogrammatism treatment. In the afternoons the participants will continue their independent therapeutic work under supervision of our experts. Please bring along your video examples for case discussion.

The target group will be experts from state institutions and Uplift staff from all over Kyrgyzstan.

5th module: specialization: treatment of scoliosis, plexus palsy , review of " Bobath Aspects " and Vojta approach

05th -11th of November the fifth teaching module will take place for therapists, doctors and Uplift staff from orphanages in cooperation with the National Center for Mother and Child.

Along with review of Bobath aspects the experts from Germany this time will focus on treatment of scoliosis and plexus palsy and give an insight on Vojta treatment approach.

Participants of the training "Applied Behavioral Analysis in the Therapy of Autism"

Training for Uplift-mothers and orphanage workers

In January 2018, Uplift-mothers and staff from four orphanages for children with special needs in Kyrgyzstan participated in a twenty-hour Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) training course used in the treatment of autism. This training was conducted by our partner organization "Hand in Hand" (Russian: Рука в Руке), which supports children with autism and their families.

Although autism occurs more often, employees of Kyrgyz orphanages rarely have experience in dealing with this particular developmental disorder and do not know the diagnostic options.

The ABA training first qualifies the participants in dealing with autism and in a second step contributes to safer and more comfortable living conditions for our children in the orphanages.

We thank the trainers of "Hand in Hand" for this important professional input!