Uplift Therapy Center opens in Tokmok

During the opening

On May 3, 2019, the Uplift therapy center "Вместе мы сильнее" (Vmeste my sil'neye: we are stronger together) was opened in Tokmok, an hour's drive from Bishkek. Uplift employees and parents of children with special needs gathered for the opening ceremony, alongside representatives of both the German Embassy and local public authorities. The parents organized a small celebration and refreshments.

Trained Uplift employees at the center will support 70 families from Tokmok and the Chui area each year, providing training for parents and professionals, and advising families on care and therapy for children with special needs. The center provides physiotherapy, speech therapy and music therapy.

One of the center’s key priorities is to ensure that children with special needs can grow up at home with their families rather than in a children’s home. The center therefore also focuses on early intervention and ensuring families receive adequate support. A support group for families who have a child with special needs meets at the center on a regular basis. The group provides a space for families to exchange ideas and support each other.