Physiotherapy training at the Uplift Rehabilitation Center in Bishkek

Participants of the training

As part of the Uplift Program "Expansion of knowledge", the second module of the training on "Physiotherapy and neurorehabilitation for children with special needs" took place in the Uplift Rehabilitation Center in Bishkek from 10th to 19th September 2019.

Both Uplift staff and experts from state Kyrgyz institutions and clinics participated in the training. The methods used in this training are little known in Kyrgyzstan and are new and promising for our specialists. The Kyrgyz participants were enthusiastic and want to use the neurorehabilitation with the ideas from Feldenkrais Method as a promising supplement to their repertoire in the future.

The training provided theoretical foundations and the practical application of the new knowledge in neuroreabilitation. The participants learned a lot of interesting facts about the bone and muscle structure as well as procedures and movement patterns. They had the opportunity to get to know the new methods both by watching and by practicing.

We would like to thank the trainers Christina Ingold, Martina Rumpf and Rebecca Mayer from Switzerland and look forward to the next module!