September 2017 - It's our Birthday

Prof. Dr. Jarg-Erich Hausamen

Prof. Jarg-Erich Hausamen discusses the work of Uplift-Aufwind e.V.

Hearty congratulations on 10 years of successful and blessed work in Kyrgyzstan I came into contact with Uplift-Aufwind early, during our project to build a medical treatment center for children with facial deformities in Kyrgyzstan, and so I have been able to follow their development and swiftly expanding activities first hand.

Initially we met when Uplift-Aufwind staff brought children with cleft palette deformities from various orphanages to our project in the Bishkek Children's Hospital. These children were always perfectly prepared for their operations. This experience led to an intense and trustful cooperation, which then gave me deeper insight into Uplift-Aufwind’s spirit, goals and way of working.

“I greatly respect the Uplift-Mothers’ work”

At first I simply admired the intense devotion shown by the women of Uplift-Aufwind who bring personal care to improve the situation of handicapped children living in the dismal environment of children's homes – they create a family-like atmosphere for them.  This vastly improves the social development of many children and raises their chances of adoption. I highly respect the “Uplift mothers” for their personal dedication and their caring attitude to “their children”.

“Uplift saves these children from a dismal life as social orphans in institutions”

In addition I have been fascinated that Uplift-Aufwind has managed to achieve a further central goal, namely to greatly reduce the not-uncommon practice of sending handicapped children to institutions, thus saving these children from a dismal life as social orphans in badly outfitted homes with low levels of care.

The work of Uplift is broadly known and accepted

I have seen not only a very successful mother program in the children's homes, but also the expansion of Uplift activities to projects in the community, starting with the program to prevent abandonment. Uplift-Aufwind now supports families with handicapped children in practical ways so these children can grow up in their family. In the meantime, the work of Uplift-Aufwind is known and broadly accepted in Bishkek and throughout the country.

“Uplift is in the delivery room rapidly to support the mothers of handicapped new-borns”

This further supports the ability of Uplift staff to be in delivery rooms rapidly and to speak with the mothers of handicapped new-borns, counsel them and - when necessary - to support the families.  In the meantime, we more often see Uplift-Aufwind new-borns with cleft palate issues or even have appointments with pregnant women who see deformities on the sonograms of their unborn babies. This means that we too can explain the treatment to the families at an early stage and alleviate their extreme concern that their children will not develop normally.

“Uplift’s work continues to expand into the community”

From all I have seen, Uplift is much more than a project concentrated on orphanages. Uplift provides medical help for handicapped children, organize self-help groups, work with poor families to ensure livelihood generation, and organize in-patient medical treatment.

In the meantime, one can hardly imagine doing without Uplift’s work in Kyrgyzstan; on the contrary, they work in close cooperation with the relevant ministries.  By demonstrating hands-on interaction and support for needy children and their families, Uplift-Aufwind is a catalyst for a new way of thinking, which means that this target group receives improved care and social development assistance.

I congratulate Uplift-Aufwind on their first 10 years and wish them continued success and blessed work in Kyrgyzstan. May their wonderful example be copied in other developing countries! In addition I hope that Uplift-Aufwind will gain many supporters.

Professor Dr. Dr. Jarg-Erich Hausamen
Professor Emeritus, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Cooperation with Uplift since 2007