Happy holidays and a wonderful year 2018

Parents demonstrate in Bishkek for better care of their children with special needs

Dear friends of Uplift,

The year 2017 was once again a typical uplift year: "full and intense". So nothing special. Or is it?

It was our birthday. Officially, the green dragon is now 10 years, felt at least ten lives.

10 years - that was a reason to celebrate and is now a moment to pause and breathe with anticipation of a reflective end to the year.

Uplift-Aufwind 2017 - what was important this year?

In keeping with the jubilee year, we receive requests from dedicated organizations from other regions of the world. These are professionals who are interested in the uplifting concept, our art of interventions, and who want to apply it to their challenges. This is a special honor for us, because that's what Uplift was and is meant to be: We in our "Uplift-Workshop" do the blueprints and they are supposed to circle with the Green Dragon - just like a dragon. In Kyrgyzstan and from Kyrgyzstan where our art of intervention is needed.

Thanks to you and your help, we have been able to implement and enforce so much that we did not even dare to dream of 10 years ago.

At this point we continue. Every single donation is important here. Thanks a lot for this!

In this spirit, we wish all Green Dragon supporters a happy holiday and a wonderful year in 2018!

Lots of love

Your Uplift team Bishkek, Berlin, Basel, St. Barbara

Our personal highlights 2017

Tina Naubert from Münster, donor and supporter

"My highlight in 2017 was a one-on-one help. The girl Aibike, here in Germany for the second time by Dr. med. Brosche via Interplast e. V.. This is about a very difficult task, the reconstruction of a nose. What luck and what support on the way back to a "normal" life! With the special story of this girl, it becomes very clear to me as a donor what Uplift is all about."

Burul Schamyrkanova, heads of self-help in rural areas

"My highlight for 2017 is independence. We have brought the needy parents and children on their feet, in many ways. I experience that more and more of our accompanied people take responsibility and organize tasks that Uplift had to do earlier, now own responsibility. In the Uplift School, in the self-help group and also in the emergency relief operations.

That's great and relieves us. In addition, we have built real multipliers. For example, Samira. She used to be an Uplift-mother and worked in the orphanage. Today she is an Uplift multiplicator and as a physiotherapist on the road between the orphanage, the self-help group and the kindergarten. She helps the children and instructs parents and home staff in the therapy. It's a huge step forward we made in 2017."

Natalia Yasenko, Head of Education at Uplift

"For me, the most important things in 2017 were the completion of the Bobath Course and our card workshop. The Bobath Course was our first training of its kind, and I personally invested a lot of effort. It was very important for me to do this job well. And that's why completing the two-year work was a special event for me.

The other highlight was the card workshop for mothers of disabled children. We did not expect it to be so successful. I’m glad about that."

Nazgul Suleimanova, head Kyrgyzstan

"A highlight of 2017 is difficult to name. We did a lot and made it. My highlight is the conclusion of our big project 'Give a cow'.

In this context, we not only bought 111 cows for needy families with disabled and sick children in rural areas, but also advised these families, involved the government agencies and made society aware of the issue in many ways. These families receive medical and therapeutic support via Uplift and are integrated into measures that sustainably strengthen them. "

Ute List, board and treasurer

"The concept of what Uplift has been following for 10 years is clearly bearing fruit. We help the children at different levels, sustainably, for a better life and a future perspective. We train local women to become skilled workers.

But we also reach the parents and families who have to master their daily lives.

In this context, I was impressed by the extraordinary commitment of all the helpers to provide hay for the animals and coal for the upcoming harsh winter. From the idea to the implementation, this was not an easy path, which was only possible thanks to the very high level of dedication of the local women.

The initiative of women for mutual help, in the interest of children, is not self-evident and shows great solidarity. And I am very impressed with the work of the volunteer trainers and professionals who came from many countries and did an excellent job."

Maren Ernst, uplift initiator and board member

“My highlight 2017 is the snapshot above. It shows parents from the Uplift self-help group of parents with disabled and chronically ill children from Tokmok, with whom we have been working for many years.

When I look at this picture, I think and feel: "Yes and yes again!" The families here protest (!) On the streets of the capital along with other stakeholders and specifically demand state support so that they can raise their children at home instead of having to take her to a children's home out of sheer distress. There is still much to do but the silence is over and that makes me really happy.”